The ALFP brochure is now available online

A brochure tracing the history of the ALFP from 1996 to 2019 has been published, and its digital version is now available on the Publications page.

The brochure includes a roundtable talk with four individuals closely associated with the ALFP from its early years, a report by Dr. Ogawa Tadashi (Professor, Atomi University) who traveled to Southeast and South Asia in February last year to interview some of the fellows about their thinking on and response to today’s challenges in Asia, and comments by fellows regarding their experience with the ALFP and what impact it has had on them or on their work.

By looking back on the ALFP’s activities over the past quarter century and reviewing both the significance and remaining challenges of the program, we hope to lay a foundation for the further development of cultural exchange in Asia.

Our hope is that this brochure will be of some use not only to those currently involved in similar exchange programs but also to younger generations.

ALFP Secretariat
January 2021