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In order to strengthen and expand the network of Asian intellectuals, we have held ALFP Forums and reunions.Through the network of ALFP fellows, we hope sub-regional dialogue will evolve and ALFP can be a platform for envisioning new Asia and beyond.

Fellow Interviews

The implications and meaning of participating in ALFP will vary for each fellow, coming from various cultures and political backgrounds. We hear from several fellows what it meant to participate in ALFP at “that particular time”in their individual lives and situation in their countries.

Programs conducted in the past

Date: Wednesday, February 6, 2013, 1:00-6:00 pm
Venue: Iwasaki Koyata Memorial Hall, International House of Japan
Organizers: International House of Japan / Japan Foundation
Language: English/Japanese (with simultaneous translation)
Admission: Free (reservation required)

Summary of the Special Symposium PDF Icon

The International House of Japan and the Japan Foundation have been inviting Asian intellectuals who have demonstrated leadership in various fields to Japan to create a human network that would contribute to enhancing civil society. We will hear how the ALFP fellows, who are leaders in their region, address issues evolving around Asia to think about the role of Asian public intellectuals and of civil society.

Profiles of speakers PDF Icon

[Panel 1] New Politics and Civil Society in Asia

As can be seen in Occupy Wall Street and the “Arab Spring,” there is a world-wide movement seeking new form of democracy and politics. In Asia also, we see movement towards political reform and democratization from a civil society perspective. In this panel, we will invite people involved in this political reform from the perspective of civil society to examine a new type of democracy and the role of civil society.

Chito Gascon (Undersecretary, Office of the President, Republic of Philippines / Philippines)
Imtiaz Gul (Executive Director, Centre for Research and Security Studies / Pakistan)
Vinod Raina (Activist in the educational movement Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti / India)

Huang Ping (Director General, Institute of American Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences/ China)

Suzuki Yuji (Professor, Hosei University / Japan)

Photo: C. GasconPhoto: I. GulPhoto: P. Huang
(Left to right: Chito Gascon, Imtiaz Gul, Vinod Raina, Huang Ping)

[Panel 2] The Future of Asia, the World and Humanity from Japan after 3.11

The March 11 Earthquake and the nuclear power plant accident have revealed the structural problems of Japan that has been promoting modernization in almost every facet of life. In this panel leaders of civil society in Asia will think together about the challenges— a social structure based on economic growth, the relationship between society and nature, the revitalization of communities—that Japan poses.

Lee Seejae (Co-President, The Korea Federation for Environmental Movement / Korea)
Huang Jiansheng (Professor, Yunnan University of Nationalities / China)
Ohashi Masaaki (President, Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation / Japan)

Diana Wong (former Deputy Director, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies / Malaysia)

Ashiwa Yoshiko (Professor, Hitotsubashi University / Japan)

Photo: LeePhoto: J. HuangPhoto: OhashiPhoto: Wong
(Left to right: Lee Seejae, Huang Jiansheng, Ohashi Masaaki, Diana Wong)

[Panel Discussion] Challenges and Possibilities of ALFP: What Can Civil Society in Asia Do for the Next Decade?

Chandra Kishor Lal (Independent Columnist and Commentator / Nepal)
Fouzia Saeed (Director, Mehergarh / Pakistan)
Marco Kusumawijaya (Director, Rujak Center for Urban Studies / Indonesia)

Takenaka Chiharu (Professor, Rikkyo University / Japan)

(Left to right: Chandra Kishor Lal, Fouzia Saeed, Marco Kusumawijaya)

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