Important Announcement

On March 31, 2019, the Asia Leadership Fellow Program will close a chapter, and this year’s ALFP fellows (ALFP 2018 Fellows) will be the last batch to participate in the program. We will therefore no longer be accepting applications for the program.

The ALFP was inaugurated in 1996 with the mission of creating a close, personal, and professional network of public intellectuals in Asia who share the same concerns about the future of the globe and are committed to building an equitable civil society in Asia and beyond. ALFP has continued to evolve as a forum for a cross-border dialogue where voices of civil society come together to seek creative solutions for both new and long-standing issues. The fellows’ community has expanded over the two decades, and today the ALFP network consists of 139 fellows from 17 Asian countries.

Although the fellowship program will be terminated next year, the spirit of ALFP will be carried on with its legacy for years to come. In the next one and half years or so, we intend to further achieve the ALFP’s mission by carrying out some follow-up projects to share the experiences and fruits of the program with a wider audience, and the ALFP secretariat will continue to serve as a bridge for the fellows and others concerned across Asia.

The Japan Foundation Asia Center and the International House of Japan would like to express our deepest gratitude to those who have extended generous and invaluable support to the program over the years. Especially, our heartfelt appreciation goes to each one of the fellows for their constant contributions and commitment to making this program valuable and meaningful.

The Japan Foundation Asia Center
The International House of Japan